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Filemaker Error Codes
(Now Includes FMP 5 Error Codes)

PLEASE NOTE: I don't use Filemaker anymore, but this page is popular enough that I'm going to try to improve it and make it more useful.
I would encourage you to look into using PHP and MySQL in place of Filemaker.

-1 Unknown error.

0 No error.

1 User canceled action.

2 Memory error.

3 Command is unavailable (for example, wrong operating system, wrong mode, etc.).

4 Command is unknown.

5 Command is invalid (for example, a Set Field script step does not have a calculation specified).

100 File is missing.

101 Record is missing.

102 Field is missing. (In my experience, a field name in the form was usually misspelled, so Filemaker didn't recognize it. In any event, the form is sending Filemaker a field name or names that Filemaker isn't finding in the database.).

103 Relationship is missing.

104 Script is missing.

105 Layout is missing.

200 Record access is denied.

201 Field cannot be modified.

202 Field access is denied.

203 No records in file to print or password doesn't allow print access.

204 No access to field(s) in sort order.

205 Cannot create new records; import will overwrite existing data.

300 The file is locked or in use.

301 Record is in use by another user.

302 Script definitions are in use by another user.

303 Paper size is in use by another user.

304 Password definitions are in use by another user.

305 Relationship or value list definitions are locked by another user.

306 Record modification ID does not match.

400 Find criteria is empty.

401 No records match the request.

402 Not a match field for a lookup.

403 Exceeding maximum record limit for demo.

404 Sort order is invalid.

405 Number of records specified exceeds number of records that can be omitted.

406 Replace/Reserialize criteria is invalid.

407 One or both key fields are missing (invalid relation).

408 Specified field has inappropriate data type for this operation.

409 Import order is invalid.

410 Export order is invalid.

411 Cannot perform delete because related records cannot be deleted.

412 Wrong version of FileMaker Pro used to recover file.

500 Date value does not meet validation entry options.

501 Time value does not meet validation entry options.

502 Number value does not meet validation entry options.

503 Value in field does not meet range validation entry options.

504 Value in field does not meet unique value validation entry options.

505 Value in field failed existing value validation test.

506 Value in field is not a member value of the validation entry option value list.

507 Value in field failed calculation test of validation entry option.

508 Value in field failed query value test of validation entry option. OR

508 Invalid value entered in Find mode. - (FMP 5)

509 Field requires a valid value.

510 Related value is empty or unavailable.

600 Print error has occurred.

601 Combined header and footer exceed one page.

602 Body doesn't fit on a page for current column setup.

603 Print connection lost.

700 File is of the wrong file type for import.

701 Data Access Manager can't find database extension file.

702 The Data Access Manager was unable to open the session.

703 The Data Access Manager was unable to open the session; try later.

704 Data Access Manager failed when sending a query.

705 Data Access Manager failed when executing a query.

706 EPSF file has no preview image.

707 Graphic translator can not be found.

708 Can't import the file or need color computer to import file.

709 QuickTime movie import failed.

710 Unable to update QuickTime file reference because the database is read-only.

711 Import translator can not be found.

712 XTND version is incompatible.

713 Couldn't initialize the XTND system.

714 Insufficient password privileges do not allow the operation.

800 Unable to create file on disk.

801 Unable to create temporary file on System disk.

802 Unable to open file.

803 File is single user or host cannot be found.

804 File cannot be opened as read-only in its current state.

805 File is damaged; use Recover command.

806 File cannot be opened with this version of FileMaker Pro.

807 File is not a FileMaker Pro file or is severely damaged.

808 Cannot open file because of damaged access privileges.

809 Disk/volume is full.

810 Disk/volume is locked.

811 Temporary file cannot be opened as FileMaker Pro file.

812 Cannot open the file because it exceeds host capacity.

813 Record Synchronization error on network.

814 File(s) cannot be opened because maximum number is open.

815 Couldn't open lookup file.

816 Unable to convert file.

900 General spelling engine error.

901 Main spelling dictionary not installed.

902 Could not launch the Help system.

903 Command cannot be used in a shared file.

Filemaker Pro 5-specific Error Codes

904 Command can only be used in a file hosted under FileMaker Server.

950 Adding repeating related fields is not supported.

951 An unexpected error occurred.

971 The user name is invalid.

972 The password is invalid.

973 The database is invalid.

974 Permission Denied.

975 The field has restricted access.

976 Security is disabled.

977 Invalid client IP address (for the new IP restriction feature).

978 The number of allowed guests has been exceeded (for the 10 guest limit over a 12 hour period).