Instructions for using Claris Homepage 3.0 to create forms for Filemaker Pro 4.0

1> Make sure that FM Pro 4.0 is running and that the desired database is open and shared.

2> Start Homepage and goto -- File: New...

3> Choose "Use Assistant"

4> Choose Filemaker Connection Assistant.

5> Follow the Assistant through.


On the Database Selection Screen ...

DONíT US "This computer". Itíll kill CHP, or lock up the computer, OR BOTH. Iíve NEVER gotten it to work successfully.

USE: IP Address= localhost, and then click "Connect to server" button. This should bring up a listing of any open and shared databases.

Layout Selection: Make sure that the layout that you select contains all of the fields that you want to be able to use on your form, because you will select the specific fields used a couple of steps down the road.

Feature Selection: You can select to create both the Search and Add New Records pages at the same time here.

Location: I generally choose to create a New Folder to keep all of the pages together, so that I can easily find them to tweak Ďem to my liking. Also, the possibility exists that there may be other files of the same name that would be overwritten otherwise.